Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunnyland Classic Boat Festival

No boat building in this post, just a report from my yearly trip to central Florida for the Sunnyland Boat Festival. Again, great show, unbelievable boats and great people.

A bow picture of a very nice 1930 28" Chris Craft Triple:

The cockpit of a 2011 Fish Bros. reproduction of a 1940 23' Barrelback. So well done it could be taken as a original boat.

The family came down with me this year and they had a great trip. In an effort to reach out to the younger generation, youth boat judging has become a popular event. Our kids had a great time judging Gar Wood's Miss America IX. First boat to reach 100 MPH (160 km/h) in 1931.

Met up with our friend Kjell Kristiansen. His stunning 1966 Riva Ariston fits my kids just right. Honey... I saw this boat.....

It's a car.... It's a boat... It's a 1966 Ampficar. No Sunnyland show is complete without the Ampficars. Wife and kids getting a ride.

Spring is in the air and with renewed inspiration, I'm ready to get working on my project. Next post will be boat works.

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