Monday, August 6, 2018

Going boating!

A 10 year journey came to close this summer. Started this project in my 30's, three kids are teens, friends think you're absolutely crazy, you think you're crazy…. still married.. The dream of restoring a boat is done!

Started this project with the goal of recreating as closed to original as possible. With the great help of researchers and members of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, asking 100's of questions to guys that knows more than you and with a background in woodworking it is possible for an amateur to do that. To take a gray boat, and make it a "as new boat".

The effort paid off. Best In Show at Clayton NY, with a score of 99 points.

Installation time

With the stain and base layers og varnish done, time for the mechanicals. Cloth covered wire from RI Wire, solder and tape the connections.

Blue face gauges and 3-spoke steering wheel.

Hull is sanded a last time, seams are filled with Sikaflex. Waterline is established and painted, and Chris Craft logo is made with aluminum leafing by Ken Jacobs.

Last coat and the deck seams pinned orange for 1940.

The Bling goes back on.

Pigskin interior installed, with kapok cushions and spring base as original. Jack Mayeaux made the kit.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Stain and varnish.

When it comes to staining and stain color, there are as many opinion as there are taste in women. I've looked at 100's of boats over the last years, read up on every blog and forum post on the subject, and asked all of the most reputable restorers in the country. But what is comes down to, do what do you like. It's your boat. Get opinions from the hobby, make stain samples, put varnish on them, and choose the one you like the best.

Most prewar boats have a two-tone color scheme. Mahogany red/brown hull (to taste), and walnut/dark (to taste) covering boards and king planks. 

1st. sealer coat.

10th. build coat varnish applied, and the colors get darker and deeper ask you build coats. Planning on applying 16 build coats, leave the boat alone for 2-3 months to dry out, finish with 4 more coats.

Sanding and sanding and sanding

When is comes to sanding and failing a wooden boat, a long board is the only way to get an even flat surface. No need to go to the gym when you do this work!

36" x 4" long block for fairing

Result is a silk smooth finish

With the fairing and sanding down, one last hardware fit check.

Before staining, the hull is bleached to get an even stain job, and a much better result.

Ready for stain!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Interior hardware

Time has come for installing the interior hardware back in the boat, rudder post, steering gear, fuel tank, and fitting of engine and running gear. New cloth covered wiring installed with original style wire clamps. Ceiling boards are stained varnished and installed.

Deck hardware

With the deck hardware back from the chrome shop, it's time to rough fitting onto the new top decks. Measurements are carefully taken from the old wood for propper fit.

Interior parts.

With a great deal of help from Don Ayers, who has gathered documentation from many barrelback's, I have been able to recreate the original interior framing, in soft woods as original.