Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not much, but a little woodworking.

Not much time for boat work. Kids, house renovations and "pays-the-bills-work" have me plenty busy this spring, And will keep me busy for the 1. half of the summer too. But today, I just had to go out in the shop to cut some wood. Not much, but at least I have the feeling that I'm actually working on this thing.

Last fall, I took the liberty to round the cross member for the 1. frames. In all logic, this looks more correct and craftsman's like. But, its been haunting me, will the judges see it? Well, now it's done, back to the original, even though it don't look right.

My "improved look":

Original design:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shiny but broken

Well, this is what you get working with 70 + year old sh*t (I mean things, of course). The prop is nicely polished up, but I found a thin crack 3/4 through the hub.

I'm trying to find someone that could repair it, since it is the original 1058 Chris Craft prop. But no luck so far. Anyone with a good contact, please speak up. My guess is that I'll need to get a new one.