Sunday, August 20, 2017

Interior hardware

Time has come for installing the interior hardware back in the boat, rudder post, steering gear, fuel tank, and fitting of engine and running gear. New cloth covered wiring installed with original style wire clamps. Ceiling boards are stained varnished and installed.

Deck hardware

With the deck hardware back from the chrome shop, it's time to rough fitting onto the new top decks. Measurements are carefully taken from the old wood for propper fit.

Interior parts.

With a great deal of help from Don Ayers, who has gathered documentation from many barrelback's, I have been able to recreate the original interior framing, in soft woods as original.

Top deck planking

Not been an update for a long time, but work been slowly moving along. The top decks are done, and rough sanded. Used as much as possible of the original deck framing where the hull ID numbers are stamped in.