Thursday, January 1, 2009

Engine choice and old litterature

Thanks (?) to Matt Smith at, I'm now "plastered all over the blogosphere". All I wanted was to keep a journal for friends and family to follow the progress on the project. Well, this is my chance to keep both the boat project and blog going.

Engine choices:
The original 95 hp K engine was replaced with a 120 hp KLC sometime in the 50's. Since I am going to spend a lot of money on the engine, I asked Don Ayers for his advise on the matter. And, as expected from the "master of barrelbacks", I received a well documented and meaningfull reply. Putting a pre-war engine back in the boat is only right choice. And If I wanted an engine with with more horse power (like the KLC) I should consider to have a 121 hp KB built, which was an option for the 17' Deluxe. The triple carburetor KB is an great looking engine, however 3 grand more than a K, well we'll see.....

Here is some great information I got on the KB from Don Ayers:

From the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club's archives I found a copy of the original brochure for the 1940 Chris Craft line up. Below you see the page on the 1940 17' Deluxe. Cost new in 1940 with the K engine option, $1445.00.

Happy new boating year!


WoodyBoater said...

You are never alone on the blogaspeare! We have found on Woodyboater that folks love to watch the restoration process, and countless times when I was doing Sylvia, readers saved my butt. Big time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a restoration purist, far from it. I modified my Century Sabre to suit my prefrences. Took almost three years of work and sometmes you just have to rest a few weeks (months) and gather your senses especially after all that bottom screwing.