Sunday, March 14, 2010


More work on the hardware. All the brass hardware is black and pitted after 70 years. So I bought a buffer from Grizzly to work on it this winter. First I bought a $80 "heavy-duty" 8" version from them, and as I should know by now, cheap stuff don't work. After 20 minutes it sounded like cold starting a 80's Mercedes Diesel engine.

Hats off for Grizzly, they took if back under warranty, and even refunded the return shipping. I could even upgrade to the $275 version. It has a 1 1/2 hp engine, long extended shafts and work like a dream. But, this is dirty work though.

Here's before and after pictures:


Bill Basler said...

Bjorn, let those shiny bits oxidize for awhile. They may be about right when you are ready to reinstall them. I know for certain you will get knocked down a fraction of a point for overdetailing.

The lifting assembly lower brackets should be clean, like a new casting, but not polished. A year in the open air may make them mellow somewhat.

Great work overall. I am envious!

Bjorn B. said...

Thanks Bill for keeping me in the right path.