Friday, September 17, 2010

Mark Clawson Magic.

Two years ago when I started asking questions on where to send my instruments for restoration, Mark Clawson was highly recommended for pre-war gauges. People also said; "It will take some time though", and they were right on that point. Yesterday I receieved back my blue-faced gauges 1 1/2 year after I sent them out. And they are awesome! His workmanship is exeptional good, we are fortunate that there are craftsmen like him left.



I also want to mention Dale Kocian for gauge work. He also have a great reputation among woody boaters and is a great guy. He is also about 30% less in price than Mark. I just sent him 3 Chris Craft gauges for a 1958 Riva Florida for a friend in Norway, that had a 5 day stint under water last summer.

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