Friday, December 3, 2010

LOOK.... no clamps!

It's getting cold in the garage, and I reached my goal for the "fall work session". Forefoot/stem/keel is permanently assembled. New engine stringers are screwed and assembled with 3M5200 to the frames and the topside frames are done. The transom frame is re-made, assembled and mounted to the stringers. Chines are steam bent, shaped and the rabbets are routed. The frames are faired in and the boat is straight and true.

The only thing not permanently bolted in are the chines. They need to dry over the winter since I used "green wood" for them. I'll seal with CPES and assemble in the spring.

All ready for the new bottom planking next spring. I will go with diagonal 3/16" mahogany inner planking instead of plywood. This may be more work but it was the original way and will be just as good if you butt the planks with 3M5200, and seal the wood with CPES.

Off to buy mahogany planking.....

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