Friday, April 15, 2011

Shades of Red.

This issue is driving me crazy! I have samples of 3 different "know" Chris Craft bilge paints, and the one I think is the best match, No. 3, is considered the correct for postwar Chris Crafts. And No. 2 is commonly known as the match for prewar boats (#2301 Farmhouse by Sherwin Williams). Yeah, I know, the paint on my old hull is 70 years old and probably faded as such, but still...
No. 2 seems to be too orange.

Help... Anyone?


Unknown said...

Bjorn - Did you strip any of the original paint yet to expose all colors underneath ? Someone could have painted the post war bilge color over the original barn red. My bilge was painted post war red in the fore section and white shows underneath which is the orginal bilge color. Another way is to inspect the paint job. I could tell the newer red was brushed slopily on in places.

Bjorn B. said...

Mark. I am very confident that I have the original paint. One of the pictures are behind the ceiling boards and the paint is more like a stain then a paint.
I'm getting a fourth sample I'll test.