Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like a new engine.

My model K engine is back from rebuild, and it looks really good.

Before, a rusted out and seized engine.

As good it looks on the outside, more important is the inside. All the components like, generator, fuel pump, oil/water pump, carburetor and starter has been completely dissasembeled and rebuild. New valves and seat, new pistons, rings and bearings. Bad cylinders has been sleeved and correct vintage wiring.

Like a new engine

Pre-war CC engines have a deeper blue than post-war.

Wiring with thumbscrews.

Closeup of the carburetor and fuel pump.


Unknown said...

Looks real nice.. very clean.

Craig said...

Yes Bjorn - l had a confirmed delivery from Mr Van Ness of October 2012 !! Still nothing....

Mike Walsh said...

When can we have an update on your marvelous project?

Bjorn B. said...

Sorry, but the 1 year hiatus has become two.... In this day and age you need to travel where work is. Will be back working on the barrelback in the fall of 2014.
However, I came by a Riva Florida that I could not pass on. You can follow the rebirth of this boat here:

Bjorn B. said...

Craig, I feel with you. I'll going to shop around more if I'll have a classic engine rebuilt.