Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not much time to work on the boat, I'm sorry to say. But I'm still gathering the needed parts and pieces. With regards to the needed silicon bronze wood screws, a pro boat restorer here in New England recommended Goulet Specialties in Winsted CT. Their prices are on par with the known "restoration box stores", but according to the the pro's, these screws have a better tensile strength and don't "snap" or break as easy. No fancy packaging, just zip-lock bags. These screws are made here in the US, and their website have videos of the manufacturing process.

I can't wait until all these 4700 screws are in.....

After some siding work on the house and replacing my patio door, I'm ready to finish up the bottom on the boat.

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Mike Walsh said...

FWIW: I regularly check the site, and while I may never even see a boat like this, it is enjoyable watching it come together. Good luck on it.