Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodies from Al.

The last of the missing hardware is now in house. After hours of scouting eBay and calling used parts dealers, I bitt the bullet and ordered them from California Classic Boat and Al Schinnerer. He has done the research over the last 30 + years so you can be sure you get the correct piece. And they come show ready with new chrome.

The new pieces are ignition (with correct bezel), hatch handles, flagpole with globe light, trim rings for the lift rings, and trim ring for the exhaust at the transom. And new hull number and prop plates.

And then to the steering wheel... The wife had a strange look on her face when I said I needed a $1100 steering wheel.

I've been looking all over for a used 17" 3-spoke wheel. In my research I found out it is the same at used in 1936-37 Plymouth trucks. I called half a dozen antique Mopar parts dealers, without any luck. Found some one on eBay selling NOS wheels, they where "backlite" brown in color and at a $750 "buy it now". Still had to use many hours on getting it painted black, and probably with mixed results. The seller never return my question to confirm the diameter of the center recess either. Several fellow woodies-guys had old ones for sale, most in very bad shape and with a groove or two on the rim (which is said to be incorrect). Also the countless hours I had to spend repairing with epoxy putty and painting, with uncertain results.

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Tom T said...

Great blog I would love to do this year and model someday too. Currently putting the finishing touches on my 58 CC Sportsman and 47 Higgins Speedster.