Friday, March 16, 2012

Sping time, move ahead.

Back in business after the winter hiatus. The bottom was painted with to layers of copper bronze in December and have had a few months to harden. The copper bronze has like 30% of copper in it and is a strange paint to put on. Got several tips on have to lay it, thanks to all. I ended up warming up the shop to about 75ºF for several days, and also made sure the paint was at that temperature. Use a 6" high end foam roller and was able to get a good even coats. Maybe not as shiny as I wanted, but even and without lines. I will brush it on up the sides to the waterline when times come.

I'm also getting ready for flipping the boat right side up. It's been 4 years since I turned it over to start on the bottom and frames. Darn it, time just fly... It only prove my time + cost formula, estimate x Pi.

Finished up a crate based on the spacing from the original Chris Craft line drawing of the boat. 6'-7 1/2" center-center.

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