Friday, March 30, 2012

Straightening up.

With all the topside battens and deck framing off, it's time to straighten the frames before the new battens and new sides are installed. Most of the starboard frames needs to come out anywhere from 1/4" to a full 5/8". Temporary blocking is screwed in to hold the right shape until planking is complete.

The stem had to come over about 3/8" as well to be plum.

New mahogany battens are next, and I am soaking them for a few days. Kill dried wood (no it's not a typo) is to dry and stiff to easily conform to the the stern shape, especially the top three (3) battens.

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BigRed said...

Looking great! I have a project on deck myself, but step 1 is to renovate the garage and get the necessary tools/equipment. Any shots of your 'DIY/at home workshop' would be fun to see!