Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last topside plank

The last topside plank is fitted, ready for final installation. It has been a tough job getting the seems nice and tight, and getting the planks to conform to the hull without cracking. 

I have used the well described router method by Dannenberg. The backside of the plank is "glued" to the battens and frames with 3M5200 and I have used West epoxy in seam between the planks. The 5200 will not sand flat, so if you don't get the seams completely tight, you can feel the seam after sanding. Epoxy dries hard, and you can sand it flat. Mixing it with a thickening agent with a hardwood color.

I thought I had a lot of clamps, but just about every single one was used when dry-fitting both top planks.

Dannenberg state in his book that he uses 65 hours to rough cut, rout, fit and final assembly of the topsides of a small runabout. Experience must make it easier and quicker, or maybe a helper or two, because I used more than twice that time.

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